From Ms. Taylor

Sunview Elementary Principal

Greetings, Sunview Families

It is my pleasure to serve as the Principal of Sunview Elementary School! The students are super! The staff is stellar, and the families are supportive!

At Sunview we have several initiatives to promote student achievement. Reading rich texts, responding to literature, and using critical thinking in math allows our students to expand academically in core subject areas. We are also pleased to have introduced the i-Ready platform this year which develops individualized learning pathways for each child. In addition to high quality instruction, our teachers care about the students' social-emotional well-being. Our Conscious Discipline training allows our staff to staff to establish structures of safety, connections, and community. Personal greetings, morning meetings, class jobs, and safe places are just a few classroom structures that help build cultures of trust, responsibility, and empathy for others.

We strive to build relationships with our Sunview families! Keep the lines of communication open with your child's teachers, and consider playing an active role in PTA. For our students to experience optimal success in their formative years of school, we must commit to being a T.E.A.M! "Together Everyone Achieves More!"